Trim Ion Hyper – Máy lọc nước Nhật Bản - Điều hòa không khí



Outstanding points

- 5 electrode plates

- Generates all 8 different types of water

- 5 year warranty

- Made in Japan

Product specifications

Rated voltageAC100V
Rated frequency50-60 Hz
Current ratingAC 5.0A
Voltage of electrolyticDC 55V (max. )
Power consumption300 W (standby: approx. 0.6 W)
Electrolytic cell4 tank (8 cells)
Electrode plates5 Platinum-Coated electrodes
Electrode lifeAs the electrolysis time 1400 hrs (about 15 years. )
H2 generates system2-way system
Rated production rate

(electrolytic hydrogen water) About 4l / min (max.)

(Acidic water) About 4l / min (max.)

Power cord lengthAbout 2.7 m
Body weightApprox. 2.8 kg
Main unit dimensions234 (W) x 239 (H) × 112.5 mm (D)

You are looking for a powerful, flexible electrolyte filter with many user-friendly and energy-saving automatic features. You need to process more delicious food and use  rich-hydrogen alkaline ionized water for health care for the whole family, TRIM ION HYPER is for you! TRIM ION is a 100% domestic product of Japan, produced by Nihon Trim, a healthy water company that accounts for 65% of the Japanese market.

Trim ion Hyper including 2 main parts:

+ Crystal filter helps filter contaminants, excess chemicals, rust, bacteria,...  creating pure water sources clean bacteria while retaining the natural minerals that are good for the body.

+ Electrolytic chamber, composed of 5 proprietary electrode plates, covered with platinum, which acts to separate water molecules and restructuring of water molecules

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